The courses featured here are not free, although they may offer a free trial (all links open in a new window).

  • Practice Portuguese - A mixture of free and paid for tools, podcasts, videos, and an app, specifically for European Portuguese.
  • Learn European Portuguese Online - Quite expensive, but detailed online video courses in European Portuguese by a professional teacher.
  • Semantica - An intensive course using video clips to teach pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, specialising in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Pimsleur Brazilian Portuguese - A very comprehensive set of courses available as MP3 downloads or CDs. The Pimsleur method is based on principles derived from extensive research into memory and linguistics, and claims to make language learning easy and memorable.
  • Pimsleur European Portuguese - As above, but the European course is quite new so not as many levels are available just yet.
  • - Learn Portuguese using podcasts. Some content is available free of charge, but you can upgrade to a paid package for further lessons.
  • Babbel - A very slick interactive online training course with voice recognition to help you perfect your pronunciation, although, as with most courses, it has a Brazilian bias. A free trial is available.


Disclosure: I earn a small commission if anyone signs up with some (but not all) of the providers mentioned on this page using the links provided. Without this dribble of income, I would not be able to keep the site running!