To help you consolidate this, here is another conjugation of a verb – given in both English and Portuguese. The Portuguese verb ‘pensar’ means ‘to think’, and because it ends with ‘ar’, it is a first conjugation verb.

English: to think

I think

we think

you think

you think


they think

Portuguese: pensar







Note that the endings of the conjugations are the same as the previous example. The Portuguese verbs trabalhar and pensar are both regular verbs of the first conjugation (ie. they are regular, and end in ‘ar’), so the endings attached to the stem (in the case of pensar, the stem is ‘pens’) are the same. All regular verbs that end in ‘ar’ will follow exactly the same pattern. The stem is always the infinitive minus the last 2 letters (well, nearly always – I'll explain the exceptions later), and the endings will always be as above.