Me and my coconut!Welcome! My name is Russell Walker, and I started learning Portuguese in 2001. Here you will find lots of resources to help you learn Portuguese. The main focus of this site is on Luso-African Portuguese (i.e. the flavour of the language used in Europe and Africa), but Brazilian alternatives are also given. There is plenty of free content on this site which will help you get to grips with the pronunciation and grammar, as well as links to other online resources.

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The Language Lover's Guide to Learning PortugueseThe Language Lover's Guide to Learning Portuguese

Now available, a 326-page book (also available as an e-Book) written by Russell Walker (the author of this site), and Rafael Tavares (the author of the learn-portuguese-with-rafa site), including the following features:

  • The entire contents of the language section of this website.
  • More explanations, including full treatment of the sujunctive mood, personal infinitive, and other tenses not covered on the site.
  • Over 500 excercises, with solutions, to help you practise and consolidate what you have learned.
  • More reference material and vocabulary, including a handy quick reference guide to the different tenses, and verb tables for all the most common irregular verbs.

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